The Company

Our Mission

Cyder Healthcare Solutions’ mission is to affect positive and meaningful change in healthcare by equipping medical organizations and providers with innovative technology tools and systems that facilitate the practice of treating the whole patient.

The Vision

Our vision is to make understanding and treating the whole patient a mainstream practice.

Company Philosophy

Cyder was born of the desire to make healthcare better.

Our team members have been in the healthcare trenches for a combined 106 years, and we’re excited by the vast opportunities to use technology to make the “system” more effective.

We embrace the challenges set forth by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s Triple Aim: improving patient experience, improving population health, and lowering per capita cost of healthcare.

We believe that treating the patient as the sum of many parts, beyond their medical record, makes it possible to improve population health one patient at a time. Understanding patient wants and needs as well as health literacy levels will improve patient experience. And making this data available and useable for providers will help lower per capita cost.

Changing healthcare is a tall order, but we believe, with the right tools, the future of the industry is bright.

  • Treat the Whole Patient

    Incorporate social determinants along with clinical data to treat the whole patient.

  • Consider Equality and Disparities

    Understand and address health equality and disparities for each patient.

  • Prevent Health Issues

    Move patients toward prevention and upstream healthcare whenever possible.

  • Learn About Their Patients

    Learn more about patient needs and wants in order to better engage the patient in his or her health.